Our Nursery

  • Primary Care-giving
  • Small Group size of 10 maximum
  • Great teacher ratio 1:3
  • Close relationships between teachers and families
  • Exceptional space indoors & outdoors’
  • Qualified Teachers

Primary care giving is fostered in the nursery environment, this support infants and toddlers.

“to develop a sense of their own identity and the strong sense of self-worth necessary for them to become confident in relationships and as learners, infants must experience physical and emotional security with at least one other person within each setting”. (Te whariki)

Providing primary care does not mean that that each child is involved ‘exclusively’ with one teacher but that at least one teacher will take primary responsibility to build reciprocal relationships with that child and tune into and respond to their needs in partnership. The aim is that each child develops a secure attachment relationship with a least one teacher whom they of all children

We work in partnership with families to ensure flexible routines based around the needs of individual children are the core of our programme.


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