Our Philosophy

The Redwood Early Childhood Centre teachers and Management Committee are committed to providing quality care and education for children 0-5 years.

Growing competent, capable, confident learners and communicators.

Our aim is…

To provide a creative and stimulating environment which facilitates both individual and small group interests.

And to provide a curriculum which allows children to make choices and participate at their own level.

To work towards providing experiences designed to help the children reach their full developmental potential, and to ensure their needs and rights are respected.

Our role as teachers is to support and inspire children to become confident and competent life long learners.

Fly my bird, in every direction. Attain the countless stars.

Rere atu, rere mai taku manu e, Rere ki tua, rere ki ko. Kia whetutangitia e.

As a community-based early childhood centre, management and educators believe in the importance of working collaboratively with parents in developing shared goals and expectations for both the children and the operation of the centre.

Management and educators believe that for young children’s learning and development to be enhanced, there needs to be a strong focus on fostering warm, caring relationships within the centre and strong links between the centre, home and community.

Management have a commitment to employing early childhood qualified, experienced staff who are willing to be involved in ongoing professional development.

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