Settling in Procedures

At Redwood Early Childhood Centre we want to ensure there is a smooth transition into the centre for the child and their family. Relationships are central to the culture of our centre, therefore creating a sense of well- being and belonging for all children is essential.


  • New parents are encouraged to visit the centre before enrolling their child.
  • We encourage all new parents/caregivers to spend time in the centre with their child before leaving them for the first time. During this time a key teacher/primary caregiver will be responsible for supporting the child (and parent/caregiver) to develop a sense of well-being and belonging. All children settle in their own unique way and support and advice will be offered to each child and their whanau during this time.
  • When parents/caregivers do leave their child for the first time we strongly encourage them to leave for just a short time. Parents/caregivers are also always encouraged to say goodbye rather than just slipping away. Acknowledging the parent is leaving and will be returning within a short timeframe are important factors in helping to build the child’s sense of trust.
    Parents/caregivers are encouraged to ring the centre for reassurance that their child is settled.
  • Children are welcome to bring personal possessions to support the settling process.