Special Characteristics

Welcome to Redwood Early Childhood Centre, we are a well established preschool and nursery and have been a part of the community since the 1970’s.

Our environment is:

  • Homely
  • Unhurried, peaceful and calm
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Children are happy and engaged
  • Supports consistent conflict resolution
  • Respect for children, teachers and whanau
  • Relationships fostered, nurtured and maintained
  • Equal opportunities for all children
  • Teachers being “in-tune” with each other

We consider ourselves to be very lucky to be situated amongst many great facilities, including the park, tennis courts and library, all of which we try to incorporate regular visits to. These visits are made achievable and more regular with the support of parents/caregivers.

Our Centre Values


Relationships are central to the culture of our centre. Relationships take priority and are woven throughout every aspect of the centre.

We place high importance on establishing and fostering responsive, reciprocal relationships between everyone who is part of our centre whanau. On enrolling into the nursery/preschool children (and their families) first establish a relationship with a primary caregiver/key teacher. These relationships also help to support children later as they continue on their journey transitioning from the nursery to the preschool and then onto school in the later years


High importance is placed on creating and sustaining respect for the natural environment, this is done through many ways including;

  • Composting food scraps and waste
  • Recycling all paper, paper towels, and other relevant materials
  • Growing and maintaining an edible garden with the support of our families
  • An awareness and implementation of eco friendly practices
  • encouraging recycling in our play environments
  • Sun safety

We are especially proud of our garden which enriches children’s working knowledge and theories around the living world and emphasises the relationship between us and our environment. On many occasions the children cut, prepare and eat food made direct from our garden, providing additional learning opportunities for healthy eating.



Management and teachers have a commitment to inclusive practice and all children and their families are welcomed and supported at the centre. We work in partnership with families and support agencies such as the champion centre to support children’s individual needs.

We believe that respect is a valuable disposition that underpins all of our actions and beliefs. When respect is modeled it can be reciprocated by all.

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